A story of eight wonderful cats

The Eight Cats of my Life

A story of eight wonderful cats and their people

Cats are fun to be with. They have their own personality, which is one thing that the eight cats of my book most definately prove. Especially I have always enjoyed the interaction between two or more cats. Over the years I have seen how different groups of my cats interact in very different ways with one another. Not two cats are alike and not two catgroups are alike. I find that very intriguing and that’s partly why I have written this little book about my cats through forty years. But also because cats put you into the most bizarre situations. Situations that sometimes demand for your stomach to be strong. And some times over the years the cats brought tears to my eyes. That’s when I had to accept that one of my beloved cats had become ill. To lose a cat is a painful affair. But still don’t hesitate to get a cat of your own. Or even better two. Read my book and you will be well prepared.

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