The story of eight wonderful cats

Do you know what it means to be catified?

Mum knows. She’s got us cats on the brains. She is catified alright. She has had cats for more than forty years (yes, she is old for sure). That’s why she thought, that she would write a book in Danish about all the cats she ever had. I am her youngest and might I add, also the sweetest and most beautiful. Oh, now I go out of the way, sorry. I wanted to tell you that Mum has translated her book about all of us into ENGLISH now. That’s why I had to learn English, so I would be able to read and comment the book. And it’s good. You should read it. I only think that Mum writes a little bit too much about that other catfellow, Bacha, who also lives here nowadays. And she writes too much about all those guys who are dead and burried long ago. I mean look at the picture on the front of Mums book. That’s me and you must admit that I’m just lovely. She should write about me. Everything else is a waste of time. By the way, Bacha and I pulled a chickenbone. The winner would be on the front of Mum’s book. Bacha is on the back 🤣.

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